RoBio Systems Ltd

RoBio Systems Ltd is a biotechnical engineering company working to bring new engineering and instrumentation technology to Life Science. We are a subsidiary of BioArts International, working closely with BioArts and chosen collaborators to integrate our engineering science knowledge with our collaborators’ application areas.

RoBio Systems Ltd. was founded in late 2004 around a core team of engineers from Central Research Laboratories’ (CRL’s) Bio-Instrumentation and Microfluidics development group. RoBio has concentrated the diverse expertise needed for successful work in this field in a small group that covers the skill set from mechanical design engineering, precision machining, microfluidics design to biochemistry.

RoBio Systems has a development facility in London, UK, equipped with high-precision micromachining, laser forming and plasma treatment facilities, plus SolidWorks / EdgeCAM design and fabrication software. We work with a number of academic and commercial collaborators to access complementary facilities and ensure delivery of our development projects.


RoBio Systems develops engineered tools for biology, with focus on embryology and cell biology. At present our developments include precision cool shippers, transportable incubators and microfluidic perfusion systems for embryo culture. Each addresses a need where present products don’t meet users’ requirements for versatility, reliability and ease of use.

New microfluidics-based culture systems provide new capabilities, for example ready perfusion and more precise control of culture conditions, to complement techniques such as microdrop and petri dish culture.

In transport of biosamples, embryos and oocytes, present technology does not fully meet the need for an ultra-reliable transport environment, capable of being shipped by airfreight while mimicking the controlled conditions of the laboratory, in a product that is compact, versatile and easy to use.

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